Class ObjectIdRef.PeeledTag

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    public static class ObjectIdRef.PeeledTag
    extends ObjectIdRef
    An annotated tag whose peeled object has been cached.
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      • PeeledTag

        public PeeledTag​(@NonNull
                         Ref.Storage st,
                         String name,
                         ObjectId id,
                         ObjectId p,
                         long updateIndex)
        Create a new ref pairing with update index.
        st - method used to store this ref.
        name - name of this ref.
        id - current value of the ref. May be null to indicate a ref that does not exist yet.
        p - the first non-tag object that tag id points to.
        updateIndex - number increasing with each update to the reference.
    • Method Detail

      • getPeeledObjectId

        public ObjectId getPeeledObjectId()
        Description copied from interface: Ref
        Cached value of ref^{} (the ref peeled to commit).
        if this ref is an annotated tag the id of the commit (or tree or blob) that the annotated tag refers to; null if this ref does not refer to an annotated tag.
      • isPeeled

        public boolean isPeeled()
        Description copied from interface: Ref
        Whether the Ref represents a peeled tag.
        whether the Ref represents a peeled tag.