Class AsIsFileService

  • public class AsIsFileService
    extends Object
    Controls access to bare files in a repository.

    Older HTTP clients which do not speak the smart HTTP variant of the Git protocol fetch from a repository by directly getting its objects and pack files. This class, along with the http.getanyfile per-repository configuration setting, can be used by GitServlet to control whether or not these older clients are permitted to read these direct files.

    • Constructor Detail

      • AsIsFileService

        public AsIsFileService()
    • Method Detail

      • isEnabled

        protected static boolean isEnabled​(Repository db)
        Determine if http.getanyfile is enabled in the configuration.
        db - the repository to check.
        false if http.getanyfile was explicitly set to false in the repository's configuration file; otherwise true.
      • access

        public void access​(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest req,
                           Repository db)
                    throws ServiceNotEnabledException,
        Determine if access to any bare file of the repository is allowed.

        This method silently succeeds if the request is allowed, or fails by throwing a checked exception if access should be denied.

        The default implementation of this method checks http.getanyfile, throwing ServiceNotEnabledException if it was explicitly set to false, and otherwise succeeding silently.

        req - current HTTP request, in case information from the request may help determine the access request.
        db - the repository the request would obtain a bare file from.
        ServiceNotEnabledException - bare file access is not allowed on the target repository, by any user, for any reason.
        ServiceNotAuthorizedException - bare file access is not allowed for this HTTP request and repository, such as due to a permission error.