Class DirCacheEditor.DeletePath

    • Constructor Detail

      • DeletePath

        public DeletePath​(String entryPath)
        Create a new deletion command by path name.
        entryPath - path of the file within the repository.
      • DeletePath

        public DeletePath​(DirCacheEntry ent)
        Create a new deletion command for an existing entry instance.
        ent - entry instance to remove. Only the path of this entry is actually considered during command evaluation.
    • Method Detail

      • apply

        public void apply​(DirCacheEntry ent)
        Description copied from class: DirCacheEditor.PathEdit
        Apply the update to a single cache entry matching the path.

        After apply is invoked the entry is added to the output table, and will be included in the new index.

        Specified by:
        apply in class DirCacheEditor.PathEdit
        ent - the entry being processed. All fields are zeroed out if the path is a new path in the index.