Class HashedSequencePair<S extends Sequence>

  • Type Parameters:
    S - the base sequence type.

    public class HashedSequencePair<S extends Sequence>
    extends Object
    Wraps two Sequence instances to cache their element hash codes.

    This pair wraps two sequences that contain cached hash codes for the input sequences.

    • Constructor Detail

      • HashedSequencePair

        public HashedSequencePair​(SequenceComparator<? super S> cmp,
                                  S a,
                                  S b)
        Construct a pair to provide fast hash codes.
        cmp - the base comparator for the sequence elements.
        a - the A sequence.
        b - the B sequence.
    • Method Detail

      • getComparator

        public HashedSequenceComparator<S> getComparator()
        Get comparator
        obtain a comparator that uses the cached hash codes
      • getA

        public HashedSequence<S> getA()
        Get A
        wrapper around A that includes cached hash codes
      • getB

        public HashedSequence<S> getB()
        Get B
        wrapper around B that includes cached hash codes