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19 March, 2015

The Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project provides tools for Web Development, and is a platform for adopters making add-on tools for Web Development.

All-in-one Packages

For most uses, we recommend web-developers download the "all-in-one" package, Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers, from the main Eclipse download site.

Prerequisites and Handy Extras

These are the prerequisites to build or run these packages. All are not necessarily required, but instead some subset. Also listed are some frequently needed links for committer-required packages when creating new development environments, or targets to run against.

Note that Java 6 is recommended for using WTP at a whole, even though subsets of WTP and other Eclipse Projects might run with other JRE levels. See planned target environments for more information.

Eclipse SDK v4.4.1 (Platform, PDE, JDT, EMF Core) or appropriate platform or equivalent
EMF and XSD SDK Combined EMF and EMF-XSD or equivalent
GEF SDK 3.9.101 (GEF Code and Source) or equivalent
DTP SDK v1.12.0 (Code and Source) or equivalent
EMF Transaction v1.8.0 (Required for JPA Diagram Editor) or equivalent
EMF Validation v1.8.0 (Required for JPA Diagram Editor) or equivalent
Graphiti v0.11.0 (Required for JPA Diagram Editor) or equivalent

Eclipse Test Framework v4.4. Infrastructure to assist running automated JUnits. Provided only as archived or equivalent
Eclipse Releng Tool v4.4. Team tool to assist in releasing code. (provided as archived repository) or equivalent
Third Party code from Orbit. Not technically required and contains much more than needed for WTP, but some committers like using it in a PDE runtime or equivalent
P2 repositories in zipped format files.

These are archive versions of P2 repositories that can be downloaded and installed into a development environment or PDE target. Its is recommended to install, rather than to to unzip the traditional packages, since it is more informative of missing prerequites or conflicting dependencies.

Code Repository

Archived p2 repository of WTP code. Good for product builders.

Status, tests and other interesting details
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