WTP 3.3.2 Patches


Bug 373136. Always separate the Java Output Folder from the Java Source Folder

Bug 373210. J2EEFlexProjDeployable.isSingleRootStructure() always returns false for an EAR

Bug 373402. NPE in ClasspathDependencyUtil when classpath container returns null for entries

Bug 376504. Incorrect error message on RAR/App Client Jar Import Wizard

Bug 378507. NPE when exporting an EAR if one of the modules is out of synch

Bug 388538. Jars with Main-class in MANIFEST located in lib dir are deployed as App clients

Bug 388557. EAR libraries classpath container is not calculating correctly references with relative paths

Bug 388551. Exported archive includes entries with absolute paths

Bug 388970. NPE when modules of an EAR have no archive name in the .component file

Bug 388969. Inconsistent behaviour in legacy Application Deployment Descriptor when modules are modified

Bug 389007. Meta-files should not be considered module members

Bug 389006. Inconsistency in ADD_TO_EAR property model