WTP 3.3.2 Patches

Feature Patched: org.eclipse.wst.server_ui.feature

Plugin(s) replaced:

Bug 373442. [TCP/IP Monitor] Improper handling of national characters

Bug 373431. IllegalArgumentException when trying to delete a Server from server definitions

Bug 373447. action properties passed to RunOnServerAction can be ignored

Bug 371600. RejectedExecutionException is thrown if Finish is clicked and then trying to edit the host name field

Bug 373742. FileNotFound and ResourceExceptions when Deleting Servers Configuration

Bug 375507. deleting a server with a dirty server editor

Bug 377000. Run on Server Wizard server name and status cannot be re-sized (target for 3.3 patches)

Bug 378172. Server view tooltip not colour accessible (port for 3.3.2 patches)