WTP 3.2.5 Patches


Bug 363973. EJB Client project operation doesn't check supported java version when runtime set

Bug 366621. ADD_TO_EAR property is blocking the EJB Client Jar generation

Bug 368737. Allow adopters to add @Remote and @Local annotations to EJB class when creating a session EJB

Bug 368748. EJB Client creation and removal is too tied to EARs

Bug 368749. Allow to change the default package for interfaces when creating new session EJBs

Bug 369459. Increase minimum version for org.eclipse.wst.common.frameworks and org.eclipse.wst.web

Bug 369832. Add session bean should not always create a ejbModule source folder in the client project

Bug 370256. Component interfaces for EJB 3.x beans are created with wrong package declaration if default package is changed in wizard