WTP 3.0.5 Patches

Bug 272389. tokenizers stuck in loop when input not matched

Bug 282205. HTMLHeadTokenizer can get stuck in an infinite loop

Bug 285067. BasicStructuredDocument should only acquireLock in a try/finally

Bug 285075. Remove automatic promotion of invalid child tags in XMLModelParser

Bug 287870. [document] changeAttrName not setting old attr mof value to null

Bug 288494. Content model validation utility fails to handle large size documents

Bug 289464. IExecutionDelegate should be using ISafeRunnable

Bug 290454. DTD Content Model is missing IDREFS data type name

Bug 290966. JSP include directives do not handle non-JSP content types

Bug 292079. [parser] Scriptlet in script attribute tags can cause the region to not be block text

Bug 289745. [document] StructuredDocumentRegionUtil not compensating for StructuredDocumentRegionProxy

Bug 292469. [parser] XMLSourceParser#regionMatches should compensate for offset

Bug 297208. [formatting] Format Source doesn't format XML files correctly with preserve whitespace mode

Bug 299156. [parser] JSPTokenizer does not detect Unicode character references as you type

Bug 299822. [content model] ModelManagerImpl#_getModelFor fall back to getExisting*(IDocument) before throwing assertion failure

Bug 301551. UI freeze when grammar loading job name is a very long string

Bug 278128. ModelManagerImpl#waitForLoadAttempt() called from UI thread

Bug 304369. Slow performance (or even crash) when opening large XML file

Bug 308548. XSD to XML generator can cause an out of memory error on certain types of documents

Bug 316222. [parser] < or > in attribute values are not supported

Bug 316551. [parser] Is HTML DOM correctly treating implicitly-closed tags?

Bug 321794. ClassCast exception can occur while updating XML model adapted to two EMF models

Bug 322836. Wrong default value generated for base64binary simple types

Bug 330335. Wrong error shown by JspMarkupValidator for unknown tags

Bug 335340. ModelManager deadlock due to exception while loading filebuffer

Bug 340582. Add http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/ to XML catalog

Bug 345217. Add soap envelop schema as schemaLocation to XML catalog

Bug 352148. XML JSP can create unbalanced DOM.