WTP 3.0.5 Patches


Bug 277000. Provide a way to disable JS semantic analyzer/validator

Bug 281123. Potential ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in ASTConverter convertImport method

Bug 283616. Hierarchy does not display super type for types in libraries

Bug 284006. Content navigator tirgger points are incorrect - adds JS icons to non-JS projects

Bug 289665. [search] Library folders outside the workspace are not being added to the Index

Bug 293077. [libraries] window.event attribute is not included in the base browser library

Bug 300845. [search] [performance] Inferred anonymous types do not need to be added to the typeDeclaration category in the index

Bug 300848. [content assist] HTML/Javascript Content Assist autocompletes writeln as writeIn (EYE, not EL)

Bug 300852. Syntax coloring broken for comments

Bug 302959. Backport 3.2 fix to prevent NPE when inferred attribute has no source position

Bug 303146. NPE in DocumentContextFragmentRoot#equals()

Bug 303254. ClassCastException at org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.core.dom.FunctionDeclaration incompatible with org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.core.dom.Statement

Bug 303274. [exceptions] NullPointerException trying to use autocompletion with JavaScript

Bug 315266. [content assist] Should not be checking Task Tags during content assist operations

Bug 315277. [performance] JavaScript content assist times out after adding IE libraries

Bug 320274. Backport 8.0 fix to 3.0.5p for invalid non-static function error message

Bug 321621. NPE in LazyJavaTypeCompletionProposal when files outside workspace

Bug 323849. [content assist] Filtering down JavaScript content assist proposals does not work for qualified types in web pages

Bug 249311. [editor] [explorer] Link open editor doesn't with JS files

Bug 331392. Script Explorer doesn't respond to resource changes