WTP 3.0.5 Patches


Bug 267367. should disable deferred DOM expansion in parser used by DOMUtilities

Bug 279175. An internal error occurred during: "Validation TestEJB".

Bug 283634. ProjectResourceSetImpl getResources() cause deadlock with call to SynchronizedResourcesEList

Bug 284041. EOF in Validation Framework

Bug 285071. ComponentResolver does not resolve absolute references to the context root

Bug 286403. Validation Framework doesn't work after facet change

Bug 290581. Manual validation is cleaning up the already validated cache on every call

Bug 290701. IResource.IsSynchronized calls are slow in large workspaces

Bug 290727. ProjectResourceSetImpl throwing concurrent access errors

Bug 291266. Deleting java source folders should remove the corresponding artifacts from the .settings/org.eclipse.wst.common.component file

Bug 292518. Fix deadlock introduced by bug 290701

Bug 292694. MessageCategory is broken in the validation framework

Bug 294214. ProjectResourceSet creation notification while holding lock

Bug 293586. org.eclipse.wst.common.component file incorrectly marked as need to be written

Bug 299057. ValidateEdit called when ArtifactEdit model not dirty

Bug 300062. Performance improvement of VirtualComponent caching

Bug 300267. Deleting obsolete code - VirtualComponent.cleanUpReferences

Bug 301477. EAR Libraries container missing entries on restart

Bug 301549. ComponentResolver performance improvement

Bug 299808. Protect against mutithreaded access to adapters during notify

Bug 303115. Validation framework does not try to shutdown cleanly when it is active at shutdown.

Bug 306266. Caching improvement in ComponentImplManager

Bug 307512. [Backport] NPE when deleting several projects

Bug 308326. Validation Framework invokes the V1 validators too often

Bug 313209. NPE in org.eclipse.wst.common.componentcore.internal.resources.VirtualContainer.findMember(VirtualContainer.java:80)

Bug 313608. random build/compile error due to out of sync files

Bug 314295. Need java facet aliasing/compatibility for Ganymede stream

Bug 314757. Validation Framework does not wait for validation jobs to end before shutting down

Bug 322173. J2EEDeployOperation does not allow callers to get a list of affected projects

Bug 328320. NPE in EarUtilities.getReferencingEARProjects()

Bug 329997. JSP Syntax Validators show error markers even when the build based markers are turned off.

Bug 351599. ConcurrentModificationException on faceted project creation.

Bug 277428. Validation preferences not imported correctly

Bug 356521. Deadlock occuring due to ModuleStructuralModel.checkSync() in 3.0.5 P