WTP 3.0.5 Patches


Bug 280483. "A handler conflict occurred. This may disable some commands." warning on restart

Bug 285284. Removing comment end tag and adding it back leaves validation errors

Bug 241794. [validation] Errors when using JSP Expressions inside JavaScript code

Bug 303024. JSP tags in Javascript statements in JSPs show errors at wrong offsets

Bug 310347. Incorrect boundary checking in org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.web.core.javascript.JsTranslation#getProblems()

Bug 323284. Preference initializers are loading template stores adding to editor loading time

Bug 323849. [content assist] Filtering down JavaScript content assist proposals does not work for qualified types in web pages

Bug 326303. [validation] Text after HTML style comment in JavaScript region marked as validation error

Bug 327041. NPE in JsValidator#performValidation

Bug 341830. Invalid errors when server side code included in script region