WTP 3.0.5 Patches

Bug 272389. tokenizers stuck in loop when input not matched

Bug 278131. StackOverflow thrown in JDOMSearchHelper.findInnerJavaElement

Bug 279038. JSP opens dirty if content type header misspells "charset"

Bug 279175. An internal error occurred during: "Validation TestEJB".

Bug 281147. problem adding ee5 libs to container

Bug 281562. Unsafe JDT calls in classpath container code

Bug 283176. NPE in EARArtifactEdit.getModuleByManifestURI(String uri)

Bug 283209. !MESSAGE Exception while reading /EAR5Client/.classpath

Bug 283318. Single root check failing when source folder mapped but deleted

Bug 283580. EAR 5.0 libs performance and missing updates

Bug 283601. For Web Project verify source folders and web content do not collide

Bug 283632. EJb ref validation in EAR validator need to throw error message

Bug 284302. Memory leaks in IArchive classes

Bug 284327. Memory leaks because of final static constants

Bug 284932. TaglibIndex optimization ignores important resource change events

Bug 285087. JSP Translator does not support IterationTag constructs

Bug 286937. ExceptionInInitializerError from TaglibHelper.isIterationTag in log

Bug 286969. Java string constants containing entity references get decoded

Bug 287742. EAR import showing ejb client jars on second page when it should not

Bug 287749. Core exceptions during EAR import

Bug 288184. Ear import fails if two EJB modules use same client jar

Bug 288832. IArchive performance problems with large amount of files within single archive

Bug 289203. Facet classpath utility not properly migrating legacy projects

Bug 288290. NPEs in TLDCMDocumentManager

Bug 289257. [translation] JSPTranslator should handle assignment in JSP expressions

Bug 290832. Backport the fix for bugzilla#260931 to wtp 3.0.5

Bug 290738. False errors/warnings when validating expressions with maps

Bug 290543. Backport the fix for bugilla#282936 to wtp 3.0.5

Bug 290412. Performance problem in method TypeUtil.resolveInParents()

Bug 290581. Manual validation is cleaning up the already validated cache on every call

Bug 290742. EAR Export not properly closing 1.4 archives

Bug 290757. 'Prepare for Deployment' error message states "J2EEDeployOperation_2_UI_"

Bug 290837. Exceptions from JEM in adopter product

Bug 290966. JSP include directives do not handle non-JSP content types

Bug 291143. Mechanism to expose WEB-INF/lib classpath component dependencies

Bug 291225. Output folder support in JavaEE projects

Bug 291251. API needed to determine if project has no single root and reasons why

Bug 291266. Deleting java source folders should remove the corresponding artifacts from the .settings/org.eclipse.wst.common.component file

Bug 291536. Session Bean remote interface validation should be error for missing methods

Bug 249044. Web module's jar modules from another project are not published for Tomcat.

Bug 272013. JEM JemProjectUtilities#getClasspathAsURLArray(IJavaProject) fails to handle class folders

Bug 290739. Don't validate the expression segments after the map if the map value type is Object

Bug 292079. [parser] Scriptlet in script attribute tags can cause the region to not be block text

Bug 292081. [translation] Javascript can cause custom tags to not be translated

Bug 292162. isSingleRoot API should allow non Java src folder as output for JCA

Bug 292177. [validation] JSPDirectiveValidator#processTaglibDirective should handle URL Taglib Records

Bug 292186. WebLib Quick fixes reverting exclusions

Bug 293047. Problem with WTPWorkingCopyManager and deleting projects

Bug 293502. Performance degradation because of JavaLite calls

Bug 293685. JAX-RPC client JSPs: JSPG0036E: Failed to find resource /sampleEchoProxy/TestClient.jsp

Bug 293992. [validation] JSPBatchValidator is taking substantially longer when needed taglibs are not on class path

Bug 293981. [validation] Attributes do not indicate problems with dynamic content in rtexprvalue attributes

Bug 294369. EAR 5.0 Lib utility deployment

Bug 294490. EAR Libraries container miscomputing because of stale IJavaLite

Bug 293211. Performance problem when validate managed properties

Bug 294627. Deleting folders should remove entry from .settings/org.eclipse.wst.common.component file

Bug 295353. Adding module to application.xml no longer generating "id" attributes

Bug 294716. ClasspathDecorationsManager may cause SAXParseException

Bug 295617. Web project creation does not honour user input

Bug 295728. Deferred EL expressions are being marked with validation problems

Bug 296719. Runtime Change Delegate throws NPE when changing from Unknown Runtime type

Bug 298796. isSingleRoot API should not require a Java src folder

Bug 293504. [validation] JSP syntax validator requires brackets after IF statement

Bug 297852. Error log entry for ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException related to Annotations and EMF

Bug 298891. Classpath initialization is very slow for complex EARs

Bug 299156. [parser] JSPTokenizer does not detect Unicode character references as you type

Bug 299393. Validation of runtime expressions in JSP custom tag attributes

Bug 299432. J2EE Deployment framework doesn't allow facet exclusions

Bug 299437. NPEs logged due to bug 295353

Bug 299488. [translation] XMLJSPRegionHelper#decodeRemainingRegions can cause NPE

Bug 299489. [content model] CMDocumentFactoryTLD#getContainedText can cause NPE

Bug 299541. Excessive logging in TaglibClassLoader

Bug 299655. ClasspathSelection needs better error handling

Bug 299785. HTML causes validation errors in Tag files

Bug 300062. Performance improvement of VirtualComponent caching

Bug 300098. 'In Lib Dir' checkbox being ignored when a jar dependency is added to an EAR

Bug 300183. Componentcore.createComponent returns a null value when called from adopter product

Bug 300387. Need to protect against NPE in adopter J2EEElementChangedListener

Bug 301419. IllegalException thrown during deployment

Bug 301477. EAR Libraries container missing entries on restart

Bug 301540. Incorrect reporting of JSP problems

Bug 301598. [translation] Cannot be resolved errors when Struts is defined within input type HTML tag

Bug 303070. random build/compile error due to out of sync deployment descriptor

Bug 303140. ComponentArchiveSaveAdapter incorrectly handles .settings files

Bug 303131. J2EEComponentClasspathContainer.getEARLibDir should check both DD and facet version

Bug 303963. Error Exception logged during deploy

Bug 305252. ClassCastException:j2ee.application.internal.impl.ApplicationImpl incompatible with javaee.application.Application

Bug 305253. Performance issue in Manual EAR validation

Bug 306058. NoClassDefFoundError coming from the TaglibHelper

Bug 313181. Java EE import fails if zip entries contain leading slashes

Bug 313399. Opener of Archive didn't close a file

Bug 313608. random build/compile error due to out of sync files

Bug 313630. V1 Validator extension point changes for performance

Bug 316222. [parser] < or > in attribute values are not supported

Bug 316291. [hotbug] Backport 292943 to wtp 3.0.5Patch

Bug 317560. Errors flagged by error annotations not reflected in the Problems, Explorer, and/or Navigator views.

Bug 318736. ImportDataModel unsafely checks java facet name

Bug 319311. Jars exported as variable names instead of jar names

Bug 319439. EAR Validation throws exceptions on project close

Bug 319735. Unwanted newlines before display name value

Bug 320312. NLS missing messages in .log

Bug 320322. [validation] JSP source validators running even when respective batch validators have been turned off

Bug 320436. jar's placed in Java EE 5 Ear's lib directory should never be considered "modules"

Bug 322173. J2EEDeployOperation does not allow callers to get a list of affected projects

Bug 322411. Weblib classpath dependencies not returned from members() when single-root

Bug 322678. In EARVirtualComponent.getHardReferences, need to get the archiveName directly from the referencedComponent, instead of getting it from the dependentObject

Bug 322953. J2EEDeployOperation affect projects support needs a way to tell if any deployer do not provide that info

Bug 324221. JavaEEArchiveUtilities.inLibDir needs to consider component parameter while returning result

Bug 325803. NPE in org.eclipse.jst.jsp.core.internal.java.XMLJSPRegionHelper.decodeRemainingRegions(XMLJSPRegionHelper.java:278)

Bug 326015. EarVirtualComponent needs to continue to use complete ArchiveName

Bug 328093. EAR Library Directory field should not have preceding slash

Bug 334151. Need to back out bug 294627

Bug 334556. Need to restore support fallback to dependentObject in maintenance stream

Bug 339307. Name collisions not properly handled on EAR import

Bug 342747. Regular jars are imported as App Client projects when importing an EAR 5.0 if jars have MAIN-CLASS attribute in MANIFEST.MF

Bug 343559. JEM needs to handle a flush better

Bug 348221. JEM needs to handle a flush better (redux)

Bug 352148. XML JSP can create unbalanced DOM.

Bug 349741. Utility jars in EAR50/lib or EAR/ not listed in in EAR Java EE Module Dependencies

Bug 355244. EAR5.0 Java EE Module Dependencies, selecting "In Lib Dir" deletes imported utility jar from workspace and it cause a NPE.