WTP 3.0.5 Patches

Bug 276538. Ant console output seems to imply that parameter can be set but really it should not be

Bug 283312. ANT Client gen- message missing server name subst. variable

Bug 283399. Web Services > Server & Runtime preference undefined

Bug 286859. EJB Projects created by web Service Wizards does not add the ejbModule as a source folder

Bug 285933. SOAPElementSaxHandler to create text nodes results in null return for char size 1

Bug 291075. remove auto build join calls

Bug 291143. Mechanism to expose WEB-INF/lib classpath component dependencies

Bug 291225. Output folder support in JavaEE projects

Bug 292571. JavaEE EMF content provider improperly synchronizing during notification

Bug 293497. Utility jars removed from the properties

Bug 299059. Check for Main-Class in MANIFEST.MF should not always occur

Bug 299432. J2EE Deployment framework doesn't allow facet exclusions

Bug 299764. Exception from JEE5ContentProvider

Bug 300098. 'In Lib Dir' checkbox being ignored when a jar dependency is added to an EAR

Bug 302009. ClassCastException when org.eclipse.wst.ws.ifile2uriconverter plugged in

Bug 304385. Allow users to disable copying axis jars