Interface Drawable

All Known Implementing Classes:
Browser, Button, Canvas, CBanner, CCombo, CLabel, Combo, Composite, Control, CoolBar, CTabFolder, DateTime, Decorations, Device, Display, ExpandBar, FileUpload, Grid, Group, Image, Label, Link, List, ProgressBar, RichTextEditor, Sash, SashForm, Scale, Scrollable, ScrolledComposite, Shell, Slider, Spinner, TabFolder, Table, Text, ToolBar, Tree, ViewForm

public interface Drawable
Implementers of Drawable can have a graphics context (GC) created for them, and then they can be drawn on by sending messages to their associated GC.

IMPORTANT: This interface is not part of the SWT public API. It is marked public only so that it can be shared within the packages provided by SWT. It should never be referenced from application code.

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