Package org.eclipse.rap.rwt.client.service

package org.eclipse.rap.rwt.client.service
  • Class
    The browser navigation provides methods to access a web browser's history for navigating within the application.
    Instances of this class provide information about a browser navigation event.
    An event handler that is invoked whenever the user navigates within the application, i.e.
    The ClientFileLoader service allows loading additional JavaScript and CSS files at runtime.
    The ClientFileUploader service allows uploading client-side files to the server.
    The ClientInfo service provides basic information about the client device.
    The generic interface for RWT client services.
    The exit confirmation service allows applications to show a confirmation dialog before the user leaves the application, e.g.
    The JavaScriptExecuter service allows executing JavaScript code on the client.
    Use ClientFileLoader instead.
    The startup parameters service allows accessing startup parameters of an entry point.
    The UrlLauncher service allows loading an URL in an external window, application or save dialog.