Class DragSourceEffect

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    public class DragSourceEffect
    extends DragSourceAdapter
    This class provides default implementations to display a drag source effect during a drag and drop operation. The current implementation does not provide any visual feedback.

    The drag source effect has the same API as the DragSourceAdapter so that it can provide custom visual feedback when a DragSourceEvent occurs.

    Classes that wish to provide their own drag source effect such as displaying a default source image during a drag can extend the DragSourceEffect class, override the DragSourceAdapter.dragStart method and set the field DragSourceEvent.image with their own image. The image should be disposed when DragSourceAdapter.dragFinished is called.

    See Also:
    DragSourceAdapter, DragSourceEvent
    • Constructor Detail

      • DragSourceEffect

        public DragSourceEffect​(Control control)
        Creates a new DragSourceEffect to handle drag effect from the specified Control.
        control - the Control that the user clicks on to initiate the drag
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException -
        • ERROR_NULL_ARGUMENT - if the control is null
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      • getControl

        public Control getControl()
        Returns the Control which is registered for this DragSourceEffect. This is the control that the user clicks in to initiate dragging.
        the Control which is registered for this DragSourceEffect