Interface ControlListener

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    public interface ControlListener
    Classes which implement this interface provide methods that deal with the events that are generated by moving and resizing controls.

    After creating an instance of a class that implements this interface it can be added to a control using the addControlListener method and removed using the removeControlListener method. When a control is moved or resized, the appropriate method will be invoked.

    See Also:
    ControlAdapter, ControlEvent
    • Method Detail

      • controlMoved

        void controlMoved​(ControlEvent e)
        Sent when the location (x, y) of a control changes relative to its parent (or relative to the display, for Shells).
        e - an event containing information about the move
      • controlResized

        void controlResized​(ControlEvent e)
        Sent when the size (width, height) of a control changes.
        e - an event containing information about the resize