Interface BrowserNavigation

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    public interface BrowserNavigation
    extends ClientService
    The browser navigation provides methods to access a web browser's history for navigating within the application. It is possible to create a history entry at the top of the history stack and to handle a navigation change event.
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      • pushState

        void pushState​(java.lang.String state,
                       java.lang.String title)
        Creates an entry in the browser history.
        state - an unique id to identify the history entry, used in the fragment part of the URL. Must neither be null nor empty
        title - a human-readable text to identify the history entry in the browser's UI or null
      • addBrowserNavigationListener

        void addBrowserNavigationListener​(BrowserNavigationListener listener)
        Adds a listener to the browser navigation. This listener is notified whenever the URL fragment in the browser changes. If the listener has already been added, this method does nothing.
        listener - the listener to add, must not be null
      • removeBrowserNavigationListener

        void removeBrowserNavigationListener​(BrowserNavigationListener listener)
        Removes a listener from the navigation support. If the listener has not been added before, this method does nothing.
        listener - the listener to remove, must not be null