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Interface TraverseListener

public interface TraverseListener

Classes which implement this interface provide a method that deals with the events that are generated when a traverse event occurs in a control.

After creating an instance of a class that implements this interface it can be added to a control using the addTraverseListener method and removed using the removeTraverseListener method. When a traverse event occurs in a control, the keyTraversed method will be invoked.

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Method Summary
 void keyTraversed(TraverseEvent e)
          Sent when a traverse event occurs in a control.

Method Detail


void keyTraversed(TraverseEvent e)
Sent when a traverse event occurs in a control.

A traverse event occurs when the user presses a traversal key. Traversal keys are typically tab and arrow keys, along with certain other keys on some platforms. Traversal key constants beginning with TRAVERSE_ are defined in the SWT class.

e - an event containing information about the traverse

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