Class ServletServerContainerInstantiator

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      • intents

        protected static final String[] intents
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      • ServletServerContainerInstantiator

        public ServletServerContainerInstantiator()
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      • getImportedConfigs

        public String[] getImportedConfigs​(ContainerTypeDescription description,
                                           String[] exporterSupportedConfigs)
        Description copied from interface: IRemoteServiceContainerInstantiator

        Get the imported config types for a given ContainerTypeDescription for the given exporter supported config types. This method will be called to determine what the local container imported configs are for the given description and exporterSupportedConfigTypes. The local provider can decide which (if any) imported config types should be returned and return them.

        As an example, consider the config types for the ECF generic provider. A generic server has a config type of 'ecf.generic.server', and the client has 'ecf.generic.server'. If the generic server exports a given service, the exportersSupportedConfigTypes will be '[ecf.generic.server]'. When this method is called with the ecf.generic.client description (i.e. the container type description named 'ecf.generic.client'), it should respond with a non-null, non-empty array...e.g.: [ecf.generic.client]. This indicates that the ecf.generic.client can serve as an importer for the given exporter config type. All, other descriptions should return null, to indicate that they cannot import a remote service exported by the given exporterSupportedConfigTypes.

        Specified by:
        getImportedConfigs in interface IRemoteServiceContainerInstantiator
        description - the container type description under consideration.
        exporterSupportedConfigs - the exporter supported config types under consideration.
        String[] indicating the importer's supported config types. Should be null, unless one or more of the exporterSupportedConfigTypes is recognized for the given description.