Interface IRemoteServiceCallPolicy

  • public interface IRemoteServiceCallPolicy
    Interface providing the ability to add authorization on a remote service method call.
    • Method Detail

      • checkRemoteCall

        void checkRemoteCall​(ID fromID,
                             IRemoteServiceRegistration registration,
                             IRemoteCall remoteCall)
                      throws SecurityException
        The following method is to be called before the remote service method call to check if the remote service method call is authorized. Providers supporting this API should call any available implementing instance prior to actually invoking the given IRemoteCall.
        fromID - container ID of the remote caller. May be null.
        registration - Remote service registration associated with the given remoteCall. Will not be null.
        remoteCall - Remote method call to invoke locally (assuming this check passes). Will not be null.
        SecurityException - if remoteCall is not authorized for the given caller fromID