Class AbstractRemoteCallListener

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    public abstract class AbstractRemoteCallListener
    extends Object
    implements IRemoteCallListener
    Abstract implementer of IRemoteCallListener. This utility class may be used to simplify the implementation of IRemoteCallListener.
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      • AbstractRemoteCallListener

        public AbstractRemoteCallListener()
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      • handleEvent

        public void handleEvent​(IRemoteCallEvent event)
        Description copied from interface: IRemoteCallListener
        Handle remote call events. The two remote call events are IRemoteCallStartEvent, and IRemoteCallCompleteEvent
        Specified by:
        handleEvent in interface IRemoteCallListener
        event - the event. Will not be null.
      • getRemoteCall

        protected IRemoteCall getRemoteCall()
      • handleRemoteCallComplete

        protected abstract void handleRemoteCallComplete​(Object result)
        Handle remote call complete. If the remote call completes successfully, this method will then be called with the given result of the call passed as the parameter. If the remote call throws an exception, then handleRemoteCallException(Throwable) will be called instead.
        result - the result of the remote call. May be null.
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      • handleRemoteCallException

        protected abstract void handleRemoteCallException​(Throwable exception)
        Handle remote call exception. If the remote call does not complete successfully, this method will be called with the Throwable exception that occurred. If it did complete successfully, then
        exception - the Throwable that occurred during execution of the remote call. Will not be null.
      • handleRemoteCallStartEvent

        protected void handleRemoteCallStartEvent​(IRemoteCallStartEvent event)