Interface IRemoteFileAttributes

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    LocalRemoteFileAttributes, URLRemoteFileAttributes

    public interface IRemoteFileAttributes
    Remote file attributes. These attributes represent characteristics of remote files (e.g. read only, writeable, executable, archive, etc.).
    • Method Detail

      • getAttribute

        String getAttribute​(String key)
        Get file attribute with given key. Returns null if attribute not in this map of attributes.
        key - to use to find the given attribute. Must not be null.
        value of attribute. null if not found.
      • getAttributeKeys

        Iterator getAttributeKeys()
        Get all of the attribute keys in this map of file attributes.
        Iterator of the attribute keys for this map. Will not return null.
      • setAttribute

        void setAttribute​(String key,
                          String value)
        Set a given attribute value in this remote file attributes.
        key - the key to use for the attribute. Must not be null.
        value - the value for the given key. Must not be null.