Interface ISharedObjectPolicy

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public interface ISharedObjectPolicy extends IContainerPolicy
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    • checkAddSharedObject

      PermissionCollection checkAddSharedObject(ID fromID, ID toID, ID localID, ReplicaSharedObjectDescription newObjectDescription) throws SecurityException
      Check the request to add a shared object from external source (i.e. remote container).
      fromID - the ID of the container making the container add request
      toID - the ID of the container receiving/handling the add request. Null if directed to all containers in group.
      localID - the ID of the local container
      newObjectDescription - the ReplicaSharedObjectDescription associated with the shared object being added
      PermissionCollection the permission collection associated with successful acceptance of the add request. Null if the add should be refused, Non-null if add request is accepted.
      SecurityException - if request should be refused and associated container should leave group