Interface ISharedObjectContainerGroupManager

All Known Implementing Classes:
ServerSOContainer, ServletServerContainer, SSLServerSOContainer, TCPServerSOContainer

public interface ISharedObjectContainerGroupManager
Contract for shared object container group manager (e.g. servers)
  • Method Details

    • setConnectPolicy

      void setConnectPolicy(IConnectHandlerPolicy policy)
      Set the join policy for this group manager. If the policy is set to null, the implementing container is not obligated to consult the policy. If non-null, the given policy's checkJoin method is called before the manager agrees to the join of a given group participant.
      policy -
    • ejectGroupMember

      void ejectGroupMember(ID groupMemberID, Serializable reason)
      Eject the given groupMemberID from the current group of containers, for the given reason.
      groupMemberID - the ID of the group member to eject. If null, or if group member is not in group managed by this object, the method has no effect
      reason - a reason for the ejection
    • ejectAllGroupMembers

      void ejectAllGroupMembers(Serializable reason)
      Eject all, for the given reason.
      reason - a reason for the ejection