Interface ISharedObjectContainerGroupManager

    • Method Detail

      • setConnectPolicy

        void setConnectPolicy​(IConnectHandlerPolicy policy)
        Set the join policy for this group manager. If the policy is set to null, the implementing container is not obligated to consult the policy. If non-null, the given policy's checkJoin method is called before the manager agrees to the join of a given group participant.
        policy -
      • ejectGroupMember

        void ejectGroupMember​(ID groupMemberID,
                              Serializable reason)
        Eject the given groupMemberID from the current group of containers, for the given reason.
        groupMemberID - the ID of the group member to eject. If null, or if group member is not in group managed by this object, the method has no effect
        reason - a reason for the ejection
      • ejectAllGroupMembers

        void ejectAllGroupMembers​(Serializable reason)
        Eject all, for the given reason.
        reason - a reason for the ejection