Class BaseContainer

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    org.eclipse.core.runtime.IAdaptable, IContainer, IIdentifiable

    public class BaseContainer
    extends AbstractContainer
    Base implementation of IContainer. Subclasses may be created to fill out the behavior of this base implementation. Also, adapter factories may be created via adapterFactory extension point to allow adapters to be added to this BaseContainer implementation without the need to create a separate IContainer implementation class.
    • Method Detail

      • connect

        public void connect​(ID targetID,
                            IConnectContext connectContext)
                     throws ContainerConnectException
        Description copied from interface: IContainer
        Connect to a target remote process or process group. The target identified by the first parameter (targetID) is connected the implementation class. If authentication information is required, the required information is given via via the second parameter (connectContext). Callers note that depending upon the provider implementation this method may block. It is suggested that callers use a separate thread to call this method. This method provides an implementation independent way for container implementations to connect, authenticate, and communicate with a remote service or group of services. Providers are responsible for implementing this operation in a way appropriate to the given remote service (or group) via expected protocol.
        targetID - the ID of the remote server or group to connect to. See IContainer.getConnectNamespace() for a explanation of the constraints upon this parameter.
        connectContext - any required context to allow this container to authenticate. May be null if underlying provider does not have any authentication requirements for connection.
        ContainerConnectException - thrown if communication cannot be established with remote service. Causes can include network connection failure, authentication failure, server error, or if container is already connected.
      • disconnect

        public void disconnect()
        Description copied from interface: IContainer
        Disconnect. This operation will disconnect the local container instance from any previously joined target or group. Subsequent calls to getConnectedID() will return null.
      • getConnectedID

        public ID getConnectedID()
        Description copied from interface: IContainer
        Get the target ID that this container instance has connected to. Returns null if not connected.
        ID of the target we are connected to. Returns null if container not connected.
      • getID

        public ID getID()
        Description copied from interface: IIdentifiable
        Return the ID for this 'identifiable' object. The returned ID should be unique within its namespace. May return null.
        the ID for this identifiable object. May return null.