This Maven plug-in lets you weave the OT/J class files of a project, so that the re-written class files can be executed without the Object Teams load-time weaver.

The load-time weaver is the preferred way to run OT/J programs if available. Currently this is supported for

  • standalone Java applications (using a -javaagent)
  • Equinox bundles (aka Eclipse plug-ins)

On other platforms, you either have to integrate the load-time weaver into the existing class loading mechanism, or: use the built-time weaver to create a static set of classes ready to run with no further infrastructure.

Using the Object Teams Build-time Weaver

To enable this plug-in add the pluginGroup "org.eclipse.objectteams" to your maven settings.

For general information on compiling OT/J programs with Maven see Using the Object Teams Parent POM

Here is a typical pom that compiles OT/J sources and weaves them using the objectteams-weaver:weave goal.

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""






                        <name>Object Teams Repository</name>



The plugin can further be configured via a build.plugins.plugin.configuration block. The following properties can be used:

teamClasseslist of class namesqualified names of all teams to weaveno default / required
activeTeamClasseslist of class namesqualified names of teams to activate at program startno default / optional
mainClassclass namequalified name of the main classno default / required if activeTeamClasses is set
wovenClassDirectorypath (string)output directory for woven classestarget/woven-classes