Class AutoScrollDragMode.AutoScrollRunnable

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protected class AutoScrollDragMode.AutoScrollRunnable extends Object implements Runnable
Runnable that continuously scrolls the viewport.
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    • schedule

      public void schedule()
      Schedule this runnable to start with a delay of 500 ms.
    • calculateRepeatDelay

      public void calculateRepeatDelay(int horizontalDiff, int verticalDiff)
      Calculates the delay of the repeated auto-scroll execution based on the difference between the NatTable borders and the mouse cursor and the move direction that is currently active.
      horizontalDiff - The horizontal difference between the NatTable border and the mouse cursor.
      verticalDiff - The vertical difference between the NatTable border and the mouse cursor.
    • cancel

      public void cancel()
      Cancels the repeated execution.
    • run

      public void run()
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      run in interface Runnable