Interface IMouseAction

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AbstractMouseSelectionAction, AutoResizeColumnAction, AutoResizeRowAction, ButtonCellPainter, ClearAllFiltersAction, ClearCursorAction, ClearFilterAction, ClearHoverStylingAction, ColumnGroupExpandCollapseAction, ColumnResizeCursorAction, FillHandleCursorAction, HierarchicalTreeExpandCollapseAction, HorizontalResizeCursorAction, HoverStylingAction, HoverStylingByIndexAction, MouseActionFixture, MouseEditAction, NoOpMouseAction, PopupMenuAction, RowGroupExpandCollapseAction, RowResizeCursorAction, SelectCellAction, SelectRowAction, SelectRowGroupsAction, ShowColumnInViewportAction, SortColumnAction, ToggleCheckBoxColumnAction, ToggleSelectCellAction, TreeExpandCollapseAction, VerticalResizeCursorAction, ViewportSelectColumnAction, ViewportSelectColumnGroupAction, ViewportSelectRowAction, ViewportSelectRowGroupAction

public interface IMouseAction
Implementing this interface will create an action that translates an SWT MouseEvent into a command that should be executed in the NatTable.

This concept allows to catch general MouseEvents on the NatTable control itself, and translate it into commands that correspond to a cell which is determined via x/y coordinates.

  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    run(NatTable natTable, event)
    Translates the SWT MouseEvent to a NatTable command and executes that command accordingly.
  • Method Details

    • run

      void run(NatTable natTable, event)
      Translates the SWT MouseEvent to a NatTable command and executes that command accordingly.
      natTable - The NatTable instance on which the MouseEvent was fired and on which the command should be executed.
      event - The received MouseEvent.