Class ColumnHideShowLayerFixture

All Implemented Interfaces:
IColumnHideShowLayer, ILayer, ILayerListener, IUniqueIndexLayer, IPersistable

public class ColumnHideShowLayerFixture extends ColumnHideShowLayer
A ColumnHideShowLayer for use in unit tests with a pre-canned set of hidden columns. Column indexes by positions: 4 1 2
  • Constructor Details

    • ColumnHideShowLayerFixture

      public ColumnHideShowLayerFixture()
    • ColumnHideShowLayerFixture

      public ColumnHideShowLayerFixture(IUniqueIndexLayer underlyingLayerFixture)
    • ColumnHideShowLayerFixture

      public ColumnHideShowLayerFixture(int... columnPositionsToHide)
  • Method Details

    • doCommand

      public boolean doCommand(ILayerCommand command)
      Description copied from interface: ILayer
      Opportunity to respond to a command as it flows down the stack. If the layer is not interested in the command it should allow the command to keep traveling down the stack.

      Note: Before the layer can process a command it must convert the command to its local coordinates using ILayerCommand.convertToTargetLayer(ILayer)

      Specified by:
      doCommand in interface ILayer
      doCommand in class AbstractColumnHideShowLayer
      command - The command to execute.
      true if the command has been handled and was therefore consumed, false otherwise.
    • getLastCommand

      public ILayerCommand getLastCommand()