Class BaseRowReorderLayerFixture

All Implemented Interfaces:
ILayer, ILayerListener, IUniqueIndexLayer, IPersistable

public class BaseRowReorderLayerFixture extends RowReorderLayer
This fixture provides a base vanilla RowReorderLayer. In order to keep a test's scope narrow, this class exposes the reorderRowPositions method, this way we can reorder during testing without having to use commands.
  • Constructor Details

    • BaseRowReorderLayerFixture

      public BaseRowReorderLayerFixture(IUniqueIndexLayer underlyingLayer)
  • Method Details

    • reorderRowPosition

      public void reorderRowPosition(int fromRowPosition, int toRowPosition)
      Description copied from class: RowReorderLayer
      Reorders the row at the given from position to the TOP of the of the given to position. Will calculate whether the move is done above the to position or not regarding the position in the NatTable.
      reorderRowPosition in class RowReorderLayer
      fromRowPosition - row position to move
      toRowPosition - position to move the row to