Class BaseColumnReorderLayerFixture

All Implemented Interfaces:
ILayer, ILayerListener, IUniqueIndexLayer, IPersistable

public class BaseColumnReorderLayerFixture extends ColumnReorderLayer
This fixture provides a base vanilla ColumnReorderLayer. In order to keep a test's scope narrow, this class exposes the reorderColumnPositions method, this way we can reorder during testing without having to use commands.
  • Constructor Details

    • BaseColumnReorderLayerFixture

      public BaseColumnReorderLayerFixture(IUniqueIndexLayer underlyingLayer)
  • Method Details

    • reorderColumnPosition

      public void reorderColumnPosition(int fromColumnPosition, int toColumnPosition)
      Description copied from class: ColumnReorderLayer
      Moves the given from-column to the left edge of the column to move to.
      reorderColumnPosition in class ColumnReorderLayer
      fromColumnPosition - column position to move
      toColumnPosition - position to move the column to