Class CalculateSummaryRowValuesCommand

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public class CalculateSummaryRowValuesCommand extends Object implements ILayerCommand
Command to trigger the calculation of the summary row values manually.

Usually the calculation will be triggered when the summary row moves into the viewport. For large tables that should be printed or exported the calculation is too late. This is because the calculation happens in a seperate thread to avoid freezing of the table on calculation.

There is no special handler for this event, as it is tight coupled to the summary row. Therefore the handling of this command is implemented directly in the SummaryRowLayer.

Note: This is only intended for internal usage and could cause a performance leak. If you want to use it for your use cases you should be careful about performance issues.

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  • Constructor Details

    • CalculateSummaryRowValuesCommand

      public CalculateSummaryRowValuesCommand()
  • Method Details

    • convertToTargetLayer

      public boolean convertToTargetLayer(ILayer targetLayer)
      Description copied from interface: ILayerCommand
      Convert the row/column coordinates the command might be carrying from the source layer to the destination (target) layer. If it is not possible to convert the command to the target layer, then this method will return false and the state of this command object will remain unchanged. Note: Commands should not be processed if they fail conversion.
      Specified by:
      convertToTargetLayer in interface ILayerCommand
      targetLayer - the target layer
      true if the command is valid after conversion, false if the command is no longer valid.
    • cloneCommand

      public ILayerCommand cloneCommand()
      Description copied from interface: ILayerCommand
      Same semantics as Object.clone() Used to make a copies of the command if has to passed to different layer stacks.
      Specified by:
      cloneCommand in interface ILayerCommand
      a cloned instance of the command
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