Class AbstractEditorPanel<T>

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Direct Known Subclasses:
BorderStyleEditorPanel, CellStyleEditorPanel, ColumnLabelPanel, GridColorsEditorPanel, HeaderLabelPanel

public abstract class AbstractEditorPanel<T> extends org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite
SWT Panel to edit object of type T
  • Field Summary

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  • Constructor Summary

    AbstractEditorPanel(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite parent, int style)
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    abstract void
    edit(T t)
    Initialize UI widgets to match the initial state of T
    abstract String
    User friendly name for this editor (used as tab labels).
    abstract T
    Get the new value of T with the user modifications

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  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractEditorPanel

      public AbstractEditorPanel(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite parent, int style)
  • Method Details

    • edit

      public abstract void edit(T t) throws Exception
      Initialize UI widgets to match the initial state of T
      t - the object to edit
      Exception - if an error occurs
    • getNewValue

      public abstract T getNewValue()
      Get the new value of T with the user modifications
      the edited value
    • getEditorName

      public abstract String getEditorName()
      User friendly name for this editor (used as tab labels).
      the user friendly name of this editor