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public class SelectCellCommand extends AbstractPositionCommand
Event indicating that the user has selected a specific cell in the data grid. This command should be used for implementing all selection handling by layers. Note that this command takes a Grid PositionCoordinate describing a cell on the screen on which the user has clicked. Do not pass it anything else or you will introduce very subtle and very difficult to debug bugs into the code and then we will have to pay you a visit on one random Sunday morning when you least expect it.
  • Constructor Details

    • SelectCellCommand

      public SelectCellCommand(ILayer layer, int columnPosition, int rowPosition, boolean shiftMask, boolean controlMask)
    • SelectCellCommand

      protected SelectCellCommand(SelectCellCommand command)
  • Method Details

    • isShiftMask

      public boolean isShiftMask()
    • isControlMask

      public boolean isControlMask()
    • isForcingEntireCellIntoViewport

      public boolean isForcingEntireCellIntoViewport()
    • setForcingEntireCellIntoViewport

      public void setForcingEntireCellIntoViewport(boolean forcingEntireCellIntoViewport)
    • cloneCommand

      public SelectCellCommand cloneCommand()
      Description copied from interface: ILayerCommand
      Same semantics as Object.clone() Used to make a copies of the command if has to passed to different layer stacks.
      a cloned instance of the command
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