Class PersistenceHelper


public final class PersistenceHelper extends Object
Helper class for dealing with persistence of NatTable states.
  • Method Details

    • deleteState

      public static void deleteState(String prefix, Properties properties)
      Deletes the keys for a state that is identified by given prefix out of the given properties.
      prefix - The prefix for the keys the state consists of. Can be interpreted as state configuration name.
      properties - The properties containing the state configuration.
    • getAvailableStates

      public static Collection<String> getAvailableStates(Properties properties)
      As one Properties instance can contain several stored states of a NatTable instance, this method can be used to retrieve the names of the containing states. In terms of NatTable states, you may also call the names prefixes.
      properties - The Properties to retrieve the containing states of
      Collection of all state prefixes that are contained in the given properties.