Class RowObjectDeleteEvent

All Implemented Interfaces:
ILayerEvent, IStructuralChangeEvent, IVisualChangeEvent

public class RowObjectDeleteEvent extends RowDeleteEvent
Extension of the RowDeleteEvent that additionally carries the deleted objects per index. Used for example in combination with the DataChangeLayer to be able to revert a delete operation.
  • Constructor Details

    • RowObjectDeleteEvent

      public RowObjectDeleteEvent(ILayer layer, int rowIndex, Object deletedObject)
      Creates a RowObjectDeleteEvent for one deleted row object.
      layer - The layer to which the row index is matching.
      rowIndex - The index of the row that was deleted.
      deletedObject - The deleted row object.
    • RowObjectDeleteEvent

      public RowObjectDeleteEvent(ILayer layer, Map<Integer,?> deletedObjects)
      Creates a RowObjectDeleteEvent for multiple deleted row objects.
      layer - The layer to which the row indexes are matching.
      deletedObjects - The mapping from index to object of the deleted rows.
    • RowObjectDeleteEvent

      protected RowObjectDeleteEvent(RowObjectDeleteEvent event)
      Clone constructor.
      event - The event to clone.
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