Class CellVisualUpdateEvent

All Implemented Interfaces:
ILayerEvent, IVisualChangeEvent

public class CellVisualUpdateEvent extends CellVisualChangeEvent
Specialization of the CellVisualChangeEvent. The only difference is the handling of this type of event in the NatTable event handling. While the CellVisualChangeEvent causes a whole redraw operation of the visible part (which is necessary to update everything if a data value has change, for example important for conditional styling), this event only forces to redraw the specified cell itself. This is for example necessary for hover styling, where redrawing everything is not necessary and would cause lags in applying hover styling.
  • Constructor Details

    • CellVisualUpdateEvent

      public CellVisualUpdateEvent(ILayer layer, int columnPosition, int rowPosition)
      Create a new CellVisualUpdateEvent based on the given information.
      layer - The layer to which the given column and row position belong.
      columnPosition - The column position of the cell that needs to be redrawn.
      rowPosition - The row position of the cell that needs to be redrawn.
    • CellVisualUpdateEvent

      protected CellVisualUpdateEvent(CellVisualChangeEvent event)
      Create a new CellVisualUpdateEvent out of the given event. Used internally for cloning purposes.
      event - The event to create the clone from.
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