Interface IConfigLabelProvider

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AbstractOverrider, AggregateConfigLabelAccumulator, AlternatingRowConfigLabelAccumulator, BodyOverrideConfigLabelAccumulator, CellOverrideLabelAccumulator, ClassNameConfigLabelAccumulator, ColumnLabelAccumulator, ColumnOverrideLabelAccumulator, HierarchicalTreeAlternatingRowConfigLabelAccumulator, RowOverrideLabelAccumulator, SimpleConfigLabelAccumulator

public interface IConfigLabelProvider extends IConfigLabelAccumulator
Specialization of IConfigLabelAccumulator that provides information about the labels that are added. This interface was introduced to support CSS styling and is used to determine the children that can be used in CSS selectors for NatTable styling.
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    • getProvidedLabels

      Collection<String> getProvidedLabels()
      Returns the labels that are provided by this IConfigLabelAccumulator. It needs to return all labels that might be applied to support the usage of corresponding selectors in NatTable CSS styling.
      The labels that are provided by this IConfigLabelAccumulator.