Class ColumnLabelAccumulator

All Implemented Interfaces:
IConfigLabelAccumulator, IConfigLabelProvider

public class ColumnLabelAccumulator extends Object implements IConfigLabelProvider
Accumulator for column labels allowing to configure cells by their column position. The label of a column is COLUMN_LABEL_PREFIX + column position.
  • Field Details


      public static final String COLUMN_LABEL_PREFIX
      The common prefix of column labels (value is "COLUMN_" ).
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  • Constructor Details

    • ColumnLabelAccumulator

      public ColumnLabelAccumulator()
      Create a ColumnLabelAccumulator. Creating it via this constructor won't add support for CSS styling because it is not calculatable which labels are created by this instance.
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    • ColumnLabelAccumulator

      public ColumnLabelAccumulator(IDataProvider dataProvider)
      Create a ColumnLabelAccumulator which can be used in conjunction with CSS styling, because the labels that are added to the cells are predictable.
      dataProvider - The IDataProvider that should be used to calculate which columns are added by this instance.
  • Method Details

    • accumulateConfigLabels

      public void accumulateConfigLabels(LabelStack configLabels, int columnPosition, int rowPosition)
      Description copied from interface: IConfigLabelAccumulator
      Add labels applicable to this cell position
      Specified by:
      accumulateConfigLabels in interface IConfigLabelAccumulator
      configLabels - the labels currently applied to the cell. The labels contributed by this provider must be added to this stack
      columnPosition - of the cell for which labels are being gathered
      rowPosition - of the cell for which labels are being gathered
    • getProvidedLabels

      public Collection<String> getProvidedLabels()
      Returns the labels that are provided by this IConfigLabelAccumulator. It needs to return all labels that might be applied to support the usage of corresponding selectors in NatTable CSS styling.
      Specified by:
      getProvidedLabels in interface IConfigLabelProvider
      The labels that are provided by this IConfigLabelAccumulator.