Class CellOverrideLabelAccumulator<T>

All Implemented Interfaces:
IConfigLabelAccumulator, IConfigLabelProvider

public class CellOverrideLabelAccumulator<T> extends AbstractOverrider
  • Constructor Details

    • CellOverrideLabelAccumulator

      public CellOverrideLabelAccumulator(IRowDataProvider<T> dataProvider)
  • Method Details

    • accumulateConfigLabels

      public void accumulateConfigLabels(LabelStack configLabels, int columnPosition, int rowPosition)
      Description copied from interface: IConfigLabelAccumulator
      Add labels applicable to this cell position
      configLabels - the labels currently applied to the cell. The labels contributed by this provider must be added to this stack
      columnPosition - of the cell for which labels are being gathered
      rowPosition - of the cell for which labels are being gathered
    • getConfigLabels

      protected List<String> getConfigLabels(Object value, int col)
    • registerOverride

      public void registerOverride(Object cellValue, int col, String configLabel)
      Register a config label on the cell
      cellValue - data value of the cell. This is the backing data value, not the display value.
      col - column index of the cell
      configLabel - to apply. Styles for the cell have to be registered against this label.