Class SimpleHoverStylingBindings

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public class SimpleHoverStylingBindings extends AbstractUiBindingConfiguration
UI bindings for applying and clearing styles when moving the mouse over NatTable cells.

This configuration should be used if a table without headers is rendered. The reason for this is that the client area is the whole available area in such a case, so if the area is bigger than the rendered table, the hovering wouldn't be removed if the mouse cursor is moved out of the cells but still in the area.

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  • Constructor Details

    • SimpleHoverStylingBindings

      public SimpleHoverStylingBindings(HoverLayer layer)
      layer - The HoverLayer that is used to add hover styling.
  • Method Details

    • configureUiBindings

      public void configureUiBindings(UiBindingRegistry uiBindingRegistry)
      Description copied from interface: IConfiguration
      Configure NatTable's UiBindingRegistry upon receiving this callback. A mechanism to customize key/mouse bindings.
      uiBindingRegistry - The UiBindingRegistry instance to register ui bindings to.