Class HoverStylingCommand

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public class HoverStylingCommand extends AbstractPositionCommand
Command that is used to apply hover styling in a NatTable.

This command needs to know about the HoverLayer on which it is executed because there might be several HoverLayer involved in a grid composition and therefore the command might be consumed by the wrong HoverLayer if we wouldn't know about the layer to handle it.

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  • Constructor Details

    • HoverStylingCommand

      public HoverStylingCommand(ILayer layer, int columnPosition, int rowPosition, HoverLayer hoverLayer)
      layer - The layer to which the given cell position coordinates are related to.
      columnPosition - The column position of the cell to apply the hover styling.
      rowPosition - The row position of the cell to apply the hover styling.
      hoverLayer - The HoverLayer that should handle the command. Necessary to avoid that other HoverLayer instances in a grid composition handle and consume the command.
    • HoverStylingCommand

      protected HoverStylingCommand(HoverStylingCommand command)
      Constructor used for cloning purposes.
      command - The command that should be used to create a new instance.
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