Class ColumnHideIndicatorEventMatcher

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public class ColumnHideIndicatorEventMatcher extends MouseEventMatcher
MouseEventMatcher that checks for cell edges at column borders and for the existence of column hide indicator labels.
  • Field Details

    • columnHeaderLayer

      protected ILayer columnHeaderLayer
  • Constructor Details

    • ColumnHideIndicatorEventMatcher

      public ColumnHideIndicatorEventMatcher(int stateMask, String eventRegion, int button, ILayer columnHeaderLayer)
      stateMask - The state of the keyboard modifier keys and mouse masks at the time the event was generated to match.
      eventRegion - The region label of the region in which the event should be processed only. Typically GridRegion.COLUMN_HEADER.
      button - The mouse button that should be pressed to match.
      columnHeaderLayer - The layer in the column header that should be used to determine the height of the hidden column indicator. Should be the top most layer in the column header region, e.g. the FilterRowHeaderComposite in case filtering is included. Can be null which leads to label inspection of the table row the mouse cursor moves over.
  • Method Details

    • matches

      public boolean matches(NatTable natTable, event, LabelStack regionLabels)
      Description copied from interface: IMouseEventMatcher
      Figures out if the mouse event occurred in the supplied region.
      Specified by:
      matches in interface IMouseEventMatcher
      matches in class MouseEventMatcher
      natTable - The NatTable on which the MouseEvent occured.
      event - The SWT MouseEvent.
      regionLabels - The LabelStack with the region labels of the MouseEvent coordinates.
      true if the MouseEvent matches this IMouseEventMatcher and should therefore be handled, false if not