Class ColumnGroupHeaderReorderDragMode

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ColumnGroupHeaderReorderDragMode extends ColumnReorderDragMode
Default IDragMode invoked for 'left click + drag' on the column group header.

It overrides the isValidTargetColumnPosition() to calculate if a destination position is valid for the column group to be reordered to.

Example, a column group cannot be reordered to be inside another column group.

  • Field Details

    • columnGroupHeaderLayer

      protected final ColumnGroupHeaderLayer columnGroupHeaderLayer
    • level

      protected int level
    • dragFromGridRowPosition

      protected int dragFromGridRowPosition
  • Constructor Details

    • ColumnGroupHeaderReorderDragMode

      public ColumnGroupHeaderReorderDragMode(ColumnGroupHeaderLayer columnGroupHeaderLayer)
      columnGroupHeaderLayer - The ColumnGroupHeaderLayer to which this drag mode should be assigned to.
  • Method Details

    • mouseDown

      public void mouseDown(NatTable natTable, event)
      Specified by:
      mouseDown in interface IDragMode
      mouseDown in class ColumnReorderDragMode
    • isValidTargetColumnPosition

      protected boolean isValidTargetColumnPosition(ILayer natLayer, int fromGridColumnPosition, int toGridColumnPosition)
      isValidTargetColumnPosition in class ColumnReorderDragMode
    • isValidTargetColumnPosition

      protected boolean isValidTargetColumnPosition(ILayer natLayer, int fromGridColumnPosition, int toGridColumnPosition, int level, int fromPosition, int toPosition)
      Test if the reorder is valid for the given level.
      natLayer - The layer on which the drag operation is triggered, typically the NatTable instance.
      fromGridColumnPosition - The from position related to the given natLayer.
      toGridColumnPosition - The to position related to the given natLayer.
      level - The grouping level for which the check should be performed.
      fromPosition - The from position related to the positionLayer of the ColumnGroupHeaderLayer.
      toPosition - The to position related to the positionLayer of the ColumnGroupHeaderLayer.
      true if the reorder would be valid on the specified level, false if not.
    • fireMoveStartCommand

      protected void fireMoveStartCommand(NatTable natTable, int dragFromGridColumnPosition)
      fireMoveStartCommand in class ColumnReorderDragMode
    • fireMoveEndCommand

      protected void fireMoveEndCommand(NatTable natTable, int dragToGridColumnPosition)
      fireMoveEndCommand in class ColumnReorderDragMode
    • getMoveDirection

      protected CellEdgeEnum getMoveDirection(int x)
      getMoveDirection in class ColumnReorderDragMode
    • getColumnCell

      protected ILayerCell getColumnCell(int x)
      getColumnCell in class ColumnReorderDragMode
      x - The x coordinate to determine the column of the NatTable.
      The cell at the given x coordinate and the y coordinate of the initial event.
    • calculateLevel

      protected void calculateLevel(int rowPosition, int columnPosition)
      Calculate the group level and based on that the real drag from grid row position that is reordered. Needed in case there is no group at the coordinate level and therefore a spanning indicates a group at a lower level.
      rowPosition - The row position from which the drag was started. Needs to be related to the columnGroupHeaderLayer.
      columnPosition - The column position from which the drag was started. Needed to check if there is a group at the calculated level. Needs to be related to the columnGroupHeaderLayer.