Class FreezeCommandHandler

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public class FreezeCommandHandler extends AbstractLayerCommandHandler<IFreezeCommand>
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    • getCommandClass

      public Class<IFreezeCommand> getCommandClass()
    • doCommand

      public boolean doCommand(IFreezeCommand command)
      Specified by:
      doCommand in class AbstractLayerCommandHandler<IFreezeCommand>
    • handleFreezeCommand

      protected void handleFreezeCommand(IFreezeCoordinatesProvider coordinatesProvider, boolean toggle, boolean override)
      Performs freeze actions dependent on the coordinates specified by the given IFreezeCoordinatesProvider and the configuration flags. If a freeze state is already active it is checked if this state should be overriden or toggled. Otherwise the freeze state is applied.
      coordinatesProvider - The IFreezeCoordinatesProvider to retrieve the freeze coordinates from
      toggle - whether to unfreeze if the freeze layer is already in a frozen state
      override - whether to override a current frozen state.
    • handleUnfreeze

      protected void handleUnfreeze()
      Unfreeze a current frozen state.