Class FormulaFillHandleDragMode

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public class FormulaFillHandleDragMode extends FillHandleDragMode
Specialized FillHandleDragMode that also opens the dialog in case of String values that can be converted to BigDecimal values using the FormulaDataProvider.
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    • FormulaFillHandleDragMode

      public FormulaFillHandleDragMode(SelectionLayer selectionLayer, InternalCellClipboard clipboard, FormulaDataProvider dataProvider)
      selectionLayer - The SelectionLayer needed to determine the fill handle region and perform the update command.
      clipboard - The internal clipboard that carries the cells for the copy & paste operation triggered by using the fill handle.
      dataProvider - The FormulaDataProvider that is needed to determine whether a value is a number value.
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      protected boolean showMenu(NatTable natTable)
      Description copied from class: FillHandleDragMode
      Check if the menu should be shown for selecting copy or series fill operation.
      showMenu in class FillHandleDragMode
      natTable - The NatTable instance on which the operation is performed.
      true if the menu should be shown, false if not.