Class GroupByConfigLabelModifier

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public class GroupByConfigLabelModifier extends Object implements IConfigLabelAccumulator
This is a special kind of IConfigLabelAccumulator since it doesn't add a label but remove one on a special condition. If the LabelStack of a cell contains the TreeLayer.TREE_COLUMN_CELL label but there is no active grouping, the label gets removed so there is no tree styling (mainly left horizontal alignment) for the tree column.

Since the TreeLayer.TREE_COLUMN_CELL label will be removed by this IConfigLabelAccumulator, it needs to be set to a label that is located on top of the TreeLayer who adds the label. This for example can be the ViewportLayer.

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    • accumulateConfigLabels

      public void accumulateConfigLabels(LabelStack configLabels, int columnPosition, int rowPosition)
      Description copied from interface: IConfigLabelAccumulator
      Add labels applicable to this cell position
      Specified by:
      accumulateConfigLabels in interface IConfigLabelAccumulator
      configLabels - the labels currently applied to the cell. The labels contributed by this provider must be added to this stack
      columnPosition - of the cell for which labels are being gathered
      rowPosition - of the cell for which labels are being gathered