public final class GroupByConfigAttributes extends Object
  • Field Details


      public static final ConfigAttribute<IGroupBySummaryProvider> GROUP_BY_SUMMARY_PROVIDER
      The configuration attribute that is used to calculate the summary for a column.

      public static final ConfigAttribute<String> GROUP_BY_CHILD_COUNT_PATTERN
      Configuration attribute to specify a pattern that is used to render the number of children for a group. Use the typical Java placeholders for correct usage, e.g. "[{0}]"
      • 0 = The number of base list entities in the group
      • 1 = The number of direct child items in the group (without subchilds)

      public static final ConfigAttribute<String> GROUP_BY_HINT
      Configuration attribute to specify a hint that should be shown in case no grouping is applied.

      public static final ConfigAttribute<IStyle> GROUP_BY_HINT_STYLE
      Configuration attribute to specify the style of a group by hint. Setting the values for foreground, background and font is supported.

      public static final ConfigAttribute<> GROUP_BY_HEADER_BACKGROUND_COLOR
      Attribute for configuring the Color that should be used to render the background of the GroupByHeaderLayer. Will be interpreted by the GroupByHeaderPainter.